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ID 877432

Zach Warder-Gabaldon

Sales/BD @tradecraft Product/design expertise in healthcare Stanford engineering alum passionate about social impact companies

ID 668181

Paris Xavier Pinkney

Lead Designer + iOS Engineer (@marqeta, @pepsi). Son + Brother. Oakland born. Vegas raised. Flagstaff educated. California native.

ID 696978

Nate Dolan

Founder @harvestlink. Design & Business Development

ID 799907

Adrian Andrade

Creative @ emPower. Developer/Designer with fine art background. Brand, UX, UI, and Product focus.

ID 785852

Ryan Brock

ID 569036

Hass Lunsford

Worked at @couchsurfing, @bittorrent • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 167078

Jesse Pollak

Founder at @clef. Previously @hackny, @buzzfeed, @pomona-college-2. I create things (code, 5,000+ stars on Github; blog, 50,000+ readers).

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