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ID 299730

Dan Clay Ellis


Co-founder of @rallyteam - Platform for employee empowerment. Founder of @saturna - tech consulting. Worked @oracle-1. Studied @university-of-calgary

ID 62785

Brian Delaney

UI / UX Design & Front-End Code

ID 225600

Chris Lindsey

Founder of @Schizofriend.me • Editor & Structured Data Project Lead at @yahoo • Writer (portfolio: robochris.tumblr.com) • Drummer

ID 628484

Israel Sanchez

Designer, Artist, and Typography Enthusiast. Effectively developing new and appropriate visual solutions to common and complex communications problems.

ID 592330

Ben Martinek

Founder of @cozyindustries, Former Apple, Life360. Strong product and design aesthetic

ID 603

Ryan Merket


@appstores.com (acquired by InMobi), Ping.fm (acquired by @seesmic),Partner Engineer at @facebook, Product guy with UI/UX and coding chops.

ID 19263

Bilal Ahmed

Entrepreneur, engineer, hustler, hacker, designer, yogi, musician and author.

ID 214153

Alex Henry

CDO of BriteHub. 14 years experience as an entrepreneur, designer, and front-end developer. Founded designer studio cypher13 and VP of Product for Tommaso bikes. CU Boulder BA 2003.

ID 148703

Jay Bolton

CTO of CommitChagne. I am passionate about data, UX, and abstract systems. I enjoy working on meaningful projects with awesome tools in a team of good people.

ID 162433

Eli Altman

Creative Director @a-hundred-monkeys. Mentor @500startups. Author of dontcall.it/that. Formerly Brand Strategist @metadesign. @university-of-california-los-angeles design 2007.

ID 86878

Karl Dotter

Founder & Pair Designer @pairdesignco, Founding Member of @designer-fund , Former Designer In Residence @500startups.

ID 312324

Andrew Seroff

Notre Dame '11 with the dream of helping Hollywood get on Silicon Valley's level.

ID 178096

Michael Curry


Current Director of User Experience @redbeacon, Former User Experience Lead at @tripit, Studied at @new-york-university

ID 595595

Andy Mai

UX Engineer at Wunwun. Previously Creative Director at Gracenote, Sony, Gravity Mobile, LiveJournal.

ID 261062

Vikram Babu

Designing meaningful products that communicate brilliance and beauty to users.

ID 389537

Shemoel Recalde

Product Designer

ID 125178

Nick Cawthon


UI + UX + Product Design

ID 139641

Aron Hegyi


@stanford-university Product Design. Full stack developer and entrepreneur @marker. Crowdsourcerer @crowdflower, consultant @instagram; ♥ sustainable food & ag.

ID 49108

Sean McCullough

Just a dude making it happen.

ID 204555

Brendan Irvine-Broque

Product Designer @lucid-design-group • Previously @awesomebox, @unified, @pagelever, @piecelock-70, @cavern-discos • @university-of-california-santa-cruz alumni

ID 532007

Mateo Fowler

Head of Business Development - Hackathon for PITME. Digital Media professional with a history in digital content and social media marketing.

ID 785852

Ryan Brock

ID 567179

Alice Hyun

UC Berkeley, USC, worked in software in the medical device industry

ID 461991

Brenon Kalu

I am a business savvy product and UX designer. I enjoy designing engaging experiences and creating products that move the world forward. 

ID 521808

Daniel Drew Turner

Interaction Design for the Public Good

ID 153522

Nancy Quan

Co-Founder, Dsg.nr. Stanford BS Mechanical Engineering. UCLA Anderson MBA. Restaurant Owner. 10+ Years Professional Designer: Interior, Product, Web & Graphic.

ID 409765

Edward Lewis

Super creative, constant researcher, and love to play in online communities

ID 226226

Jeff Root

UX designer who is passionate about envisioning and prototyping intuitive experiences and applying lean UX approaches to produce minimum awesome products.

ID 130853

Justin Graham


ID 164661

Rolf Wilkinson

UX Designer with deep experience with Visual Identity and Branding http://www.rolfwilkinson.com

ID 372733

Marcus Freemon

Former law student turned budding jr level front-end developer. Significant experience in Business Ops and Developer Relations. Excited and motivated to continually increase skills and learn new langauges. (HTML, CSS, Angular.js JavaScript, Jquery... even

ID 166376

Eric Bailey

Worked at @pokitdok, @frog-design • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-cincinnati

ID 533077

Hannah Swann

Bay Area based Web Designer and Illustrator. 4 years industry experience with a background in print design. Hard-working, passionate, always looking to learn.

ID 333323

Yekaterina Novikova

Full Stack Developer & Visual Designer. Designer/Developer @inkshares. B.A. in Design from UC Davis, recently completed WDI Web Dev Bootcamp @general-assembly.

ID 261911

Fermin Mata

Founder Thread Council, You're A Rebel Worked at @live-nation, @cinder-block Studied at @academy-of-art-university

ID 877432

Zach Warder-Gabaldon

Sales/BD @tradecraft Product/design expertise in healthcare Stanford engineering alum passionate about social impact companies

ID 75599

Matthew Copeland

Creative | Designer | Developer

ID 89428

Shaun Tai

Executive Director at Oakland Digital (ODALC.org). M.A, B.S, B.A | eMarketeer, creative strategist, and tech philanthropist. More shauntai.com and @shaun-tai.

ID 135115

Anthony DOnofrio

A Unicorn in the wild. Full-stack dev, UX/UI design. Dreamy. Been in this game for years, it made me an animal.

ID 55071

Brittany Burrows

Product & design @prophecy-sciences, @bloodhound, @peerbetween. PhD @stanford University/SB @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Prof. trained chocolatier.

ID 253526

Omar Yacoubi

Interaction and mobile designer with 5 years' experience. I excel in fast-paced startup environments in large and small companies.

ID 618757

Amanda Finkelberg

MIT Alumni, Online designer at UC Berkeley, extensive background in media content production with a skill for parsing and communicating complex ideas.

ID 776848

Lexi Hradisky

UX Design + User Research + Product Market Fit + Lean UX. 3 yrs' Human Resources experience inspired me to improve processes for people and businesses.

ID 5366

Jesse Dhillon

Designer, developer, project manager

ID 277703

Colin Roache

Interaction design and graphics hacking for iOS, Web, Mac and Installation.

ID 48547

Ikon Eco

UX/Product Designer - I design experiences for web and mobile applications.

ID 557979

Sergio Paluch

Founder Atma Mobile Networks. Founder and Executive Principal at Montparnas.com. Studied at @dartmouth-college

ID 209678

Dave Chiu

Founder @txt2wrk • Worked at @frog-design, @altera-corporation • Studied at @university-of-delaware, MA in IxD from Interaction Ivrea

ID 520066

Kemar Newell

Founder / Product Ninja • Formerly @google, @apple, & @mit-lincoln-laboratory • Studied CS at @morehouse-college

ID 374979

Ryan Tong

Business-Minded Interaction Designer/Developer

ID 470319

Jason Knight

Visual, UI/UX, product designer with thirteen years of experience in the digital space. Worked at Current TV until the Al Jazeera acquisition for $500M in 2013.

ID 390276

Wendy Fischer

UX/UI designer with experience in consumer & enterprise applications and 8 years mobile UX (feature phones, iOS, Android, Responsive Design)

ID 282640

Timothy Kempf

Front End / Node.js Developer with design talent. Builds real-time web applications, backend to frontend.

ID 82158

Jackie Gagarin Curry

Product Designer / UX

ID 243412

Mark Gartland

Founder @minimash; Creative Director @google; Advisor @streamwize ; Digital Content Evangelist

ID 154052

Valerie Landau

Director of Assessment, learning specialist, inventor. Books: "Engelbart Hypothesis: Dialogs w/ Douglas Engelbart" & "Developing an Effective Online Course"

ID 164240

Tony Jagoda

MBA in design strategy, a degree that mixes business and creative strategy. Experience working with a variety of sizes from Exxon Mobile, to Kara’s Cupcakes.

ID 139769

Jason Perez

Develop / Design / User Experience

ID 122693

Naresh Singhal


VP, Mobile Products at Trunomi, pioneering B2ME for the financial industry

ID 569036

Hass Lunsford

Worked at @couchsurfing, @bittorrent • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 39661

Moly Yim

Freelance Designer (Graphic & Web) @ moly.me

ID 101843

Guillaume Ardaud

Co-founder, NeonMob. Fiddling with bits and atoms, and everything in between. MSc Comp. Sci. (HCI) & Ed. Tech. — BSc. Comp. Sci. (AI)

ID 677456

Simon Wiscombe

Interactive Media Designer. Creates experimental games, experiences, and interactions.

ID 826785

Nelson Cooper

ID 243166

Annalis Clint

Creative, tech-savvy marketing manager & entrepreneur with 7+ years experience in online & digital media production.

ID 802451

Rose Rainwater

Level headed, data-loving leader and jack of all trades. Thrives on problem solving.

ID 620702

Derek Kan, P.E., LEED AP

Graduate from UC Berkeley's School of Information. Well rounded engineer/designer armed with the scientific method and user centered design...

ID 312439

Toby Marvin

I am an artist with 12 years experience in the gaming industry. Currently, I work for Zynga in their San Francisco studio as an in-house UI Consultant. My previous roles include UI Designer, Art Lead, Product Design Consultant, Visual FX Artist, Characte

ID 252450

Lisa Perdichizzi

Founder of TinSaucer Productions. Visionary of the alien invasion. Saver of CommerceOne BuySite and PeopleSoft i8. I don't believe in the Kobayashi Maru.

ID 563273

Chris Obermiller

8 years UX Design experience. BS from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Communication and client relations background. Wearer of many hats.

ID 119327

Adam Sax

Chief Product Officer at spot labs

ID 78361

Eric Iffland

UI/UX designer + front-end developer.

ID 254540

Stephen Szermer

User Experience designer. Spent several years focused on healthcare innovation and design. Masters in Industrial Design from RISD 2010.

ID 650784


I am a Mobile/ Web/ UI/UX Visual Design hybrid, with a background in print, design, brand, motion, animation and fashion.

ID 399475

Jeremy Tribby

Front-end developer, visual designer, UI/UX researcher, huge typography nerd. Can do full-stack, too (founder @valleyvpn). Studied @university-of-california-berkeley. Cooks pizza @900º.

ID 460764

Ian Ross

Founder OppSites and Founding Principal City Design Collective. 15 years professional urban design. Strong design, policy and public speaking. MLA Cornell 1999

ID 282660

Monika Hoex

Front-end web developer, designer for digital agency Sparkart Group, Inc. as part of UX Team.

ID 376952

Dave Le

Founder The Cognitive Healthcare Company. UX & visual designer. Longtime freelance ninja coming out of the wilderness to start a company. Worked at @sapient

ID 103932

Cassandra Marshall

Owner/Web Developer at Daydream Project

ID 763915

Jonathan Haggard

Native creator of digital goods. More pet projects than a farm.

ID 775264

Alex Ross

McGill graduate with strong academic credentials, research, verbal reasoning and legal writing capabilities. Tech interest with front end programming languages.

ID 446034

Michael Benson

E-mail Marketing Agency experience, self-taught HTML/CSS/SQL, quick-study for technical skills

ID 665298

Peter Odum

Balancing business requirements with intuitive usability, and creating moments of delight for users: these are the key to delivering great user experience.

ID 87677

Leslie Carlson Vaughan

Principle UX/Visual Designer at @fanminder

ID 313931

zach rubin-rattet

Hampshire BA in Digital Media, advanced to master level of most aspects of digital media production

ID 147280

Trish Ang

UI Engineer @counsyl , with a graphic design background from @uc-davis. Tweets for Creative Mornings Oakland

ID 689876

Kara Zamora

Staff Ethnographic Researcher at UCSF in the School of Medicine. Background in applied anthropology and qualitative research methods. MA student at CSUEB.

ID 275828

Brook Stevenson

Product/UX Designer rooted in an Architect-Economist background. Let's Make _____ Better.

ID 839449

Alana Aquilino


ID 81674

Ehab Bandar

Seasoned UX/startup guy.

ID 610764

Christopher Wirick

Berkeley Math and Cognitive Science. Want to write lines.

ID 144492

Sean Narvasa

At the intersection of tech and design. Have designed, built, and launched products for a bunch of startups. UC Davis '03

ID 540075

Poamrong Rith

Visual designer, looking for work.

ID 14579

bruce rinehart

creativity engineer: expert in the internet stack, the business stack and the social science stack - 20 years of net dev - teaching python this Summer('14) @UCB

ID 286688

Ron Griffiths

Seasoned creative with skills in UX, advetising, brand development — designing lasting brand stories that engage audiences and bridge gaps (sometimes chasms).

ID 401671

Martin Mittner

Creative designer with strong technical skills. Experience in both start-ups and large firms. Excellent academic credentials coupled with good business acumen.

ID 619018

Charles Marks

CS foodie looking to promote sustainable agriculture.

ID 484567

Wayne Montague

Full stack Javascript Engineer with a passion for data visualization and interaction design. Proficient in both Angular and D3 frameworks.

ID 696978

Nate Dolan

Founder @harvestlink. Design & Business Development

ID 832423

Jessica Henricks

Passionate educational program developer, experienced event and media producer

ID 347805

Jhonatan Paredes

Webmaster and Front-End Engineer. Worked with Non-Profits and B2B companies on designs, UX/UI, wireframes, and SEM.

ID 199112

Adam Cadieux

VP of software development with experience in web development, project management, online marketing, computer security. Interested in early-stage start-ups.

ID 670418

Matt Owen

Specialties Include: Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, User Interface Design, Product Strategy, User Experience Design, Mobile Design

ID 629667

Andrew Ortiz

California College of the Arts, Animator/Artist, contracted by various startups.

ID 610759

Aidan Keefe Rayner

ID 503258

Ryan C. Anderson

Freelance UI & Visual Designer. BA in Multimedia.

ID 394898

John "Seg" Seggerson

It's dangerous to develop alone. Take Seg! Designer and programmer of interactive media for web, console, desktop, and mobile platforms.

ID 541948

Yanin Alexa Kramsky

Art Center College of Design B.S. Product Design, Former Interaction Designer at Frog Design

ID 324242

Andrew Bertrand

I create immersive experiences for web and mobile applications.

ID 463115

Ruby Kane

Exceptional writer, analyst geek

ID 821625

Justin Brinkmeyer

Strong visual designer with front end coding skills. Swiss army knife of design, from video and animation to web and print.

ID 155316

Mei C. Chen

Studied at @university-of-california-davis

ID 783176

Matt Hunt

I like gadgets & pugs. Lover of life just enjoying the journey.

ID 531247

Kwyn Meagher

Software Engineer, CrossFit Athlete and Bio-hacker. Successful @upstart. JavaScript, Python, Angular, Node, Flask, Scikit. http://harleykwyn.com/

ID 806771

Timothy Smith

Design freelancer at needlemedia. Solid fine art background. Illustrator.

ID 172208

Jordan Braun

Product Designer at @beats-music-formerly-mog • Masters of Digital Media from @university-of-british-columbia 2011. Ping pong champion.

ID 775468

Sarah Celso

Expert Office Manager Master | BA in HDEV | I thrive on efficency | I get the job done and then some | Wearer of many many hats | Office organizer extrodinarire

ID 298659

Loe Lee

User experience designer with experience in startups, ecommerce, and health and wellness mobile applications.

ID 538976

Deborah Dennis

Co-Founder & COO World Village • Worked at @apple, @getthere UX Designer, Creative Director, End to End SaaS Apps, designed first online travel booking software

ID 867457

Aaron Stienstra

Creative Leader. Design Director. Translate complex ideas, information, & data into great design. Visual • Web • Interaction • Brand • UX • Strategy • Marketing

ID 643902

Kwadwo Otempong

I am a visual designer focused on branding, web design, UI/UX and package design. I enjoys designing for all media (web, mobile and print).

ID 723584

heather quintal

UX designer specializing in creating clean and thoughtful experiences for users of complex and powerful software.

ID 298246

Joey Hiller

Co-founder @stubstorm Designer and front-end dev.

ID 699547

Jampa Thinlay

Jampa Thinlay, Tibetan American Web Architect

ID 510930

Allan Steiner

Smart questions, powerful insights. Have worked in advertising, tech and entertainment. Specialize in creative qualitative research methods for all budgets.

ID 431981

Nathan Becker

Multimedia U/X designer and developer, experienced in leveraging emerging technologies, seeks a collaborative environment at a new media company. Specialties include user experience, branding, and communications.

ID 839374

Erin Rinker

Graphic designer with strong photography background. Strong startup experience.

ID 603546

Barbara Reece

Award-winning Web Producer; Strong background in Enterprise customer support (Cisco, Juniper); Proven blend of Technical and Project Management skills.

ID 802284

Rob Reeves

Recent college graduate with a diverse education and gobs of visual literacy.

ID 741331

Kyle Lobedan

Mechanical Design Engineer, piezoresistive sensors, consumer electronics, wearable computing, DFM.

ID 549148

David Ross

Product Manager, UI/UX Designer at Ancient Goose Network.

ID 732395

tommy gebru

Web dev student looking for work with your company

ID 716295

Eric Johnson

Sr. UX/UI designer for Realpage. Designed/launched multiple mobile apps. Worked at Aol, Adobe, and Walmart

ID 372829

Chadwick Swenson

ID 452044

Karen Utrera

Senior Designer, experienced in leading projects from conception through implementation.

ID 775977

Nhat Ho

Front End Developer working with a non profit organization funded and backed by Google and Facebook.

ID 782317

Nick Myers

Experienced design leader

ID 676152

Jamie Freeman Turner

Technology Evangelist - Creative Product & UX Designer - Music Centric - Exciting Marketing Approaches - Highly Unique

ID 668181

Paris Xavier Pinkney

Lead Designer + iOS Engineer (@marqeta, @pepsi). Son + Brother. Oakland born. Vegas raised. Flagstaff educated. California native.

ID 169317

Christina Chun

3d Artist & Designer in the San Francisco Bay Area

ID 412116

maggie taurick

Designer. Traveler. Observer. Appreciater of things that appeal to any or all of the senses. http://maggietaurick.com

ID 254846

Andrew Rose

Wide-ranging Technical Support Specialist, with experience in Desktops, Mobile, Networking, and POS Systems

ID 496010

Andrew Standfield

Creative Professional for IxD, UX, UI, and traditional media

ID 513361

Chrissy Bisi

ID 234841

David Gee

I design & build digital products focused on solving complex process & workflow problems. I enjoy creating efficient, satisfying user experiences, especially for sectors that generally suffer from poor usability.

ID 468202

Justin Hardin

I make music, code, and design. Im passionate in making the next Generation of interactive websites.

ID 469389

Kyle Halvorson

Graphic Designer

ID 283958

Evan Krambuhl


ID 889715

Jordan Tyler

Techie by trade | Businessman by profession | Creative by lifestyle

ID 490109

Michel Milano

Product Designer and Creative Director.

ID 363443

Helen Ghaibeh

Icon + Logo design | Graphic design | Print Production expert

ID 149037

Doug Earp

Worked at @tiburon-inc, @data911

ID 100649

Dimitri Frolov

Graphic/Visual/UI/UX Designer. San Jose State University BA in Graphic Design. Advanced skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver. Mac and PC.

ID 287431

Shilo Pierce

Mobitv Launch operator launch new devices into production line.

ID 480025

Lauren [Lo] Bénichou

Multimedia Journalist and Full Stack Web Developer

ID 446438

M. T. Weiner

Energetic UX Designer; Digital Native; Strong Advertising/Vis. Design background; Small team experience; Loves Sloths; Adobe CC, HTML, & CSS.

ID 488090

Matt Diamant

Full Stack.

ID 587226

Jasmine Calderon

Interaction Design Student at CCA;

ID 512435

Daniel Duvall

Problem solving is my passion and software is my favorite Swiss army hammer. I prefer open source because { innovation.should > capital }.

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