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ID 65091

Michael McAllen

His company has produced corporate meetings & media for Oracle, HP, Yahoo, PepsiCo, Sanofi, Siemens Medical Solutions, Genzyme, Restoration Hardware, Gap, Avon

ID 286688

Ron Griffiths

Seasoned creative with skills in UX, advetising, brand development — designing lasting brand stories that engage audiences and bridge gaps (sometimes chasms).

ID 115646

Vidya Spandana


Founder, Principal at Neppalli

ID 450963

Anup Murarka

Worked at @apple, @adobe-systems • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 95546

Brian Brown


Founder, Stealth Startup

ID 296159

Molly Maloof

Physician technologist working in Biotechnology and Digital Health.

ID 23364

Peter Secor


Angel Investor, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 172816

Darlene Ayers-Johnson

Currently the principal of Ayers-Johnson and Associates, a consulting firm specializing in public relations for both community and governmental organizations.

ID 198564

Namane Mohlabane

Community organizer, educator and CA Wellness Foundation Fellow out of high school. Serial Entrepreneur in various verticals of music & entertainment industry

ID 110969

Leigh Rowan

President @monsoon-company, building the future of interaction and commerce. First company at age 12. Proud TEDster / Summit family member. Let's do great work.

ID 603

Ryan Merket


@appstores.com (acquired by InMobi), Ping.fm (acquired by @seesmic),Partner Engineer at @facebook, Product guy with UI/UX and coding chops.

ID 267509

Zennie Abraham [LION] - toplinked.com

Founder @sports-business-simulations, @zennie62media • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @university-of-texas-arlington

ID 34597

Zach Larson


CEO of Threadbare Games. Previously co-founder and CPO of @sidereel, acquired by Rovi. Product, Technology, Teams. Lean and LeanUX advocate. Giant nerd.

ID 33543

Sam Reader

CEO of @INFIN3D Motion Picture Technology, 3D Production & Sound.

ID 543707

Andrew Erbeau

Ambitious, innovative, and dedicated electrical engineer. Product Development Engineer and RF Design Engineer at AT&T.

ID 209068

Zach Hanna


ID 79150

Jared Hanson


Lead Engineer at @nodeprime. Previously Founding Engineer at Aspera (acq. by @ibm). Ongoing open source developer.

ID 104087


co-founder at SolSource, early at OpenTable, RMG, PracticeFusion, E la Carte

ID 19539

Mike Caprio

Software engineer @Askdotcom. Global Mentor @spaceapps, Alumni, Judge, Conductor @TheStartupBus.

ID 89428

Shaun Tai

Executive Director at Oakland Digital (ODALC.org). M.A, B.S, B.A | eMarketeer, creative strategist, and tech philanthropist. More shauntai.com and @shaun-tai.

ID 129532

Clem Bason

CEO of Dealbase. Former President of Hotwire. Worked at McKinsey, Gap Inc., and Accenture. Haas MBA 2000

ID 243412

Mark Gartland

Founder @minimash; Creative Director @google; Advisor @streamwize ; Digital Content Evangelist

ID 84530

Andrea Steves


ID 28782

Joseph De Wolk

Most comfortable out of my comfort zone. Managing Director @annika-linden-centre, President Director @inspirasia-foundation. @obama-for-america & @dasra alum.

ID 376402

eric stromberg

Seasoned tech/infrastructure exec, currently consulting in the bitcoin space, launching SF Bitcoins and advising to Armory Technologies, Inc. Looking for addtional bitcoin ventures.

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