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ID 266087

Ezra Kebrab

Enterprise Sales, Bus. Dev. @anyperk. User Growth @evenly (acquired by Square). Columbia Engineering: Applied Math, Econ. Formerly @onswipe, @FirstMark Capital.

ID 16165

Kwame Garrett-Price

Ex-Airbnb and Weddington Way. Former Founder at Physicians Prima; Studied at @oklahoma-state-university-1

ID 539726

Nicci Ciranna

Operations, HR, Internal Communication, Program Management and Scaling Teams Guru; worked at Google and Facebook, currently at GitHub.

ID 49108

Sean McCullough

Just a dude making it happen.

ID 104087


co-founder at SolSource, early at OpenTable, RMG, PracticeFusion, E la Carte

ID 107416

Shadiah Sigala

Cofounder & Head of Customer @honeybook. Previous @activehours. Studied public leadership @harvard-university, @pomona-college.

ID 473724

Tracy King

Strong start-up background. Received Chegg Eggstra Credit Award for Outstanding Work Ethic & Service. Junior Front-End Web Developer.

ID 187944

Maggie Utgoff

VP of Operations @hackreactor • Founder @Louder • Led Social Media for Jerry Brown Campaign • Led Operations @rally • Helped @twitter grow from 20 to 250

ID 185573

Josh Gillespie

Senior AE @quote-roller, @panda-doc • Founder @sugar-knife • Head of Sales @Pinchit • AE at @yelp • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia

ID 19263

Bilal Ahmed

Entrepreneur, engineer, hustler, hacker, designer, yogi, musician and author.

ID 37603

Tony Gentile


CPO eDriving. Advisor: Agile Credit and Rexter.

ID 61703

Brantley Beaird

Entrepreneur, developer, and MBA. Started a successful tutoring business after @georgia-institute-of-technology. Analytics @quinstreet & Engineer @nudgemail

ID 787830

Amanda Flaim

7 years of experience in developing & improving infrastructure in HR, Business Operations and Organizational Culture for early-stage start-ups.

ID 285285

Inigo Palileo


Berkeley Engineering, Growth Product Manager, Worked at eBay and Zynga

ID 563282

James Allis

Corporate Development with a background in Operations and E-commerce.

ID 364027

Phillip Cardenas


Head of Global Safety @uber

ID 209068

Zach Hanna


ID 625

Tuyen Vo

Product Manager and Marketer with years of entrepreneurial experience. Founder @linepeek @centrro @gplay. Graduate @university-of-california-berkeley.

ID 127540

Mandela Schumacher-Hodge

Co-Founder & COO of @tioki. Ph.D candidate at @university-of-california-los-angeles Graduate School of Education. Masters in Education Administration & Policy. @teach-for-america alumna.

ID 76234

Brian Martinez

Co-Founder at @madesolid (@y-combinator W14) Previously Founder/CEO at @tioki. B.A. Business/Entrepreneurship - UC Santa Barbara. Worked at @adroll and @cbiz

ID 419977

Kathryn Freitas-Seitz

Communications @zerply. UC Berkeley alum, previously @taskrabbit and @twitter.

ID 455627

Benjamin Bayat


Venture capital, entrepreneurial, and angel experience. Strong technology, operations, and sales (IBM). UC Berkeley MBA, Case Western Reserve Univ Physics.

ID 281803

Annie Chang

Developer @chasm-io. Hacker @doglog. Fellow @Hackbright Academy. Founder/CEO @Best_Chuck. Project manager @wikia, @Smalltown. Studied @UCI B.A. Psychology & Social Behavior

ID 28345

Rahul Chopra

Partner at Venturs Partners. Multiple startup founder. Raised $200M. Strong business, finance and fundraising background. Strong Finance, BD & strategy expertise. Multiple start up boards. MBA Columbia, MS Berkeley, Clemson

ID 359259

Amelia Shuja

Operations Manager, Culinary Professional, Corporate Program Consultant, Event Specialist, Hospitality and Budget Driven, Specialize in creating company culture, perks and events

ID 683246

Mark Keith

Big 4 experienced accountant with diverse client experience. Team builder with an emphasis on improving client relationships. Looking for job in Operations.

ID 467574

Adam Kuperman

Community Manger at BriteHub. Masters Degree in Urban Planning. Licensed Real Estate Expert. Strong Startup Experience. Manufacturing Enthusiast.

ID 721804

Mark Santos

Customer Success and Account Management Specialist. Adept in customer focused roles and great at being a tireless advocate for clients and driving them to value

ID 490049

Christopher Marion

14 years work experience. 12 years customer service experience. Associates Degree in General Studies. Volunteered with wildlife in Africa.

ID 465203

Victoria Pacchiana-Rojas

ID 607804

Carlos 'Charlie' Lanfranco

BriteHub Director of Sales. Building the world's premier design and manufacturing community.

ID 849600

David Preciado

People-first entrepreneur, 7 yrs+ startup experience, Believe in market-driven startups. Love to fight for the underdog. @ConfidentTech, @SocialRocket, @thembid

ID 57752

Adrian Walker

Founder Rippld, First Element Entertainment • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 9433

Katherine de León

Building and growing disruptive online entertainment products since 2006. Sony and @linden-lab alum.

ID 397972

Yelena Sophia

Modern, versatile creative with expertise in communication, problem solving, and project coordination seeks dynamic role!

ID 466610

Patrick Lyle

Customer Support/Technical Trainer. Worked at Blackberry in 2 different roles under 2 years. Project Management and Trainer at Google.

ID 711294

Morgan Solem

Customer Success and Growth pro; founding team member Beyond Pricing; content marketing, PR, and social media; BA in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley

ID 532007

Mateo Fowler

Head of Business Development - Hackathon for PITME. Digital Media professional with a history in digital content and social media marketing.

ID 567179

Alice Hyun

UC Berkeley, USC, worked in software in the medical device industry

ID 464870

Anthony Dadci

Tech savvy professional, strong customer facing background, thrives on providing exceptional customer service. Startup seasoned with sense of humor to prove it.

ID 58333

Jerry Wang

Self taught full stack web developer. Have brain, will travel.

ID 520066

Kemar Newell

Founder / Product Ninja • Formerly @google, @apple, & @mit-lincoln-laboratory • Studied CS at @morehouse-college

ID 499730

Jason Green-Lowe

HLS / Yale grad, two bench trials, 30+ settled cases, interested in legal automation

ID 578346

Randy Wells

Former designer/strategist, strong marketing and business background worked at several top tier companies in fashion, advertising, and healthcare.

ID 563266

Andy Rios

Berkeley Haas MBA 2014; Consortium Fellow; Strong business background in a variety of different functional roles.

ID 182837

Erin Griffin

Founder @none Yet :(• Worked at @bank-of-america, @macquarie-bank, @kitchen-on-fire • Studied at @state-university-of-new-york-at-buffalo

ID 847727

Sergey Piterman

Berkeley Economics & Biology degrees, content creator for ChronoZoom,

ID 391516

Michael J. Nurick

Musician; Haas MBA 2014; Laser focused on Music-Tech; Worked at PonoMusic, Chosen.fm, OpenAura, S&P Capital IQ, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

ID 210283

Jacqueline Lee

Recent grad from Cal; Currently working at Humble Bundle in Operations

ID 177438

Adam Huie

CEO at Sway Networks, Founder at Hatch Labs (Tinder), & Journeyer at IAC. I get excited about Product, Strategy & Anything Mobile.

ID 207013

Claude Burns

Founder @NobleBrewer, Deputy CIO @ SEAL Command, Comms Officer @ Aircraft Carrier, MBA @ MIT Sloan, Physics @ USNA. Homebrewer, multiple start-ups.

ID 372733

Marcus Freemon

Former law student turned budding jr level front-end developer. Significant experience in Business Ops and Developer Relations. Excited and motivated to continually increase skills and learn new langauges. (HTML, CSS, Angular.js JavaScript, Jquery... even

ID 871671

Danny Towns

Stanford alum in History, working writer and editor in multiple contexts––academic, commercial, and social copy.

ID 857553

Adam Z. Levy

Editor, Writer, Content Curator. Dartmouth BA, Columbia MFA, Fulbright Fellow.  

ID 486491

Vishal Shah

Strategy professional and educator with broad business skill set

ID 477494

Paul Donohoe

UC Berkeley grad. Global Sales, Operations, and Acquisition experience across Enterprise and Start-Up companies such as Cisco Systems and Yammer Inc.

ID 183985

Michael Radke

Founder @theubuntucenter • Chief of Staff @lawrencehallofscience • Formerly recruiter @apple • Studied at @university-of-michigan, @brunel-university, @THNK

ID 658714

Nicole Alfon

ID 574135

Murtaza Kapadia

Biotech & Pharma business, technology and strategy development; business model canvas generator; Lean LaunchPad at UCSF, Fall 2013; CBS MBA 2009

ID 392534

Michael Juarez

Extremely motivated, disciplined and responsible systems engineer with a strong cultivated creative sense of detail and drive.

ID 810621

Jaclyn Anku

MBA 2015, finance concentration; knowledge of angel investment and venture capital; worked at Sand Hill Angels and management consulting firm

ID 44255

Anthony Garcia

CEO and co-founder of GuideOn - Translating skills for U.S. Military Veterans for better career opportunities; Cornell MBA 2009; US Army Captain

ID 802451

Rose Rainwater

Level headed, data-loving leader and jack of all trades. Thrives on problem solving.

ID 676479

Christina Gossmann

UCBerkeley Urban Expert with Economics degree, work experience with UN, USAID and journalism experience with Slate, HuffPost, The Atlantic, Mail&Guardian

ID 493292

Justin Quimby

I help teams build and ship product. I'm a seasoned technology executive/manager who keeps the trains running on time without burning out my teams.

ID 858323

LeAnn Lopez

UCSB alumni, strong executive assistant and event marketing background.  Passion for start-ups and experience in social, cloud, and SaaS applications.

ID 584134

Anna Meyer

Played an integral role in developing Zamsolar, a start-up in Zambia focused on clean energy product distribution through multi-level marketing

ID 826785

Nelson Cooper

ID 28782

Joseph De Wolk

Most comfortable out of my comfort zone. Managing Director @annika-linden-centre, President Director @inspirasia-foundation. @obama-for-america & @dasra alum.

ID 474197

Anna Yeung

Interested in eHealth business development, Management Consultant at @j.P. Morgan, @Booz & Company • Studied at @harvard University

ID 814368

Diana Clock

Photo and Content Editor

ID 533035

Noah Marsh

Professional educator, advisor, and supervisor experienced in program design and management. MA student at HNU EDU 2015.

ID 849887

Jay V

Northwestern/Syracuse MPA grad, research/operations/customer service/marketing experience

ID 482207

Kristen Norman

Health • Technology • Social Impact

ID 538227

Patricia Cariño

Passionate Curator and Arts Manager; worked at cultural institutions in NYC, LA, and the Bay Area; BA from UC Berkeley and MA from CCA

ID 695434

Anindya Kar

Accomplished manager with over 16 years experience in fostering client relationships and attending to the detail of technical projects.

ID 576393

Brittinee Phillips

Media and Behavior Enthusiast; Advertising and Marketing Professional; Creative and Strategic Planner

ID 156702

Jon Levin

Worked at @yodlee, @Groundwork Open Source @nextweb-wireless-covad @libritas-inc @dslnetworks @xipcom-inc

ID 448554

Evan Lovett-Harris

Business development leader for social impact

ID 673377

Jared Hamlin

Dynamically playing w/others via controller or mouse, often seen scaling boulders & devouring food and libation. Committed on many levels, purposeful.

ID 723018

Joyce Lee

UC Berkeley Biology, Education, Disability Studies.

ID 668167

Amy Lam

Recent UC Berkeley Graduate | Actively Seeking Employment | Human Resources | Recruiting

ID 839449

Alana Aquilino


ID 483890

Excel Love

Recent UC Berkeley Graduate. Background in office/clerical/administrative work.

ID 610764

Christopher Wirick

Berkeley Math and Cognitive Science. Want to write lines.

ID 44764

Joseph Okafor

Co-founded B2C marketplace. Strong business background (private equity)(PPGV) @broadcom, @american-century-investments • Studied at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 509644

Robert Mooring

ID 853682

Jeff Reiss

ID 619018

Charles Marks

CS foodie looking to promote sustainable agriculture.

ID 276688

Amy Ockert

Strategy @whole-foods-market, CPG Sales @sara-lee-corporation & @peet-s-coffee-tea , editorial @triathlete-magazine , @university-of-california-san-diego grad

ID 572601

Jackie Hong

Pre-Business at UC Berkeley

ID 475101

Jennifer Kang

Berkeley Public Health, Soul-based Designer, Coach and Yoga Teacher, Empathetic problem solver, Entrepreneur.

ID 866214

Jason Louis Weisfield

Strong business background

ID 732616

Elisa Konik

Product Manager - Real Estate Tech @ Cushman & Wakefield; Duke BA

ID 832423

Jessica Henricks

Passionate educational program developer, experienced event and media producer

ID 19756

Eugene Choe

Insights Guru at LiveCareer; Passionate about helping people measure success and make better decisions; Strong finance background.

ID 484815

Amena Mian

Project Sina Co-Founder. Passionate about supply chain innovation and beautifully designed, ethical garments. Systems thinker with a flair for aesthetics.

ID 808542

Michael Ramos

I Make It Happen - Business Development & Partnerships - Sales - Hustler - Self Sufficient - Team Player & Builder - Fire Starter & Extinguisher

ID 706865

Enny Tran

Seeking opportunities in human resources/office managment

ID 487083

Vichelle Mixon

Experienced self starter: flexible, happily hands-on and extremely personable, creative with big picture sensibility and excellent problem solving skills.

ID 531970

Jessica Moody

Exceptional Office Manager, Client/Customer Relations, Over 6 years experience as Office Administrator, HR, Operations and Employee Management

ID 506184

Simone Sequeira

Producer @goldieblox-inc. Systems thinker and human-centered design lover with a track record of execution. Do-learn philosophy.

ID 767110

Karsten Walker

Versatile Analyst/Subject Matter Expert. Demonstrated ability to apply analytic methods to any industry or vertical and produce actionable insights fast.

ID 492376

Heather Frambach

Food systems nerd with a diverse skillset. I've managed a city program, delivered 100lb cambros of meat to restaurants, and everything in between.

ID 561306

Jon Bekefy

Marketing and branding strategy specialist. Launched e-powertrain start-up.

ID 402854

Monica Wunderman

Communications and Sales Extraordinaire. Studied at UC Davis. Worked for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and STA Travel

ID 821495

Phaedra Restad

Connecting people, organizing, coordinating. Working with the public, customer service. Writing, copy editing, research. Calligraphy, acting, modeling.

ID 552753

Brian Herczog

Video Installation Guru: custom video editing, special effects, and projection for performance and corporate events

ID 761019

Laysha Ostrow

Doctoral-level policy & program analyst dedicated to engaging communities in data-driven decision-making; experienced in cross-stakeholer collaboration

ID 765934

Rachel Chin

Polymath, word wrangler, maker of stuff. I balance out-of-the-box thinking with ruthless pragmatism and what I don't know, I'm eager to learn.

ID 581383

Dan Seidman

Co-Founder and R&D engineer at Velomedix. Energetic, versatile, innovative entrepreneur.

ID 553664

Priya Kohli Prasad

UCLA graduate with an active thirst for knowledge and content.

ID 253519

Kyle McKenzie

Management Consulting and Finance. Strategic, economic, operational and Compliance consulting. Portfolio management. Background applies can be applied to many things. Hold a Series 7 and 63 for Trading.

ID 645710

David Sandoval

5 years working in visual arts program development and management with an MFA in Visual Arts.

ID 836925

Stephanie Ciccone-Nascimento

Entrepreneur, Writer, Healer, Educator, Social Justice Advocate

ID 653973

Eddie Hsu

Product/Program Manager w/strong product management process at Google Supply Chain. Launched Slingbox in JPN. Mech Design Lead for Cessna Citation Pedestal.

ID 660254

Stephanie Lacke

Project coordinator/manager for a small architecture company in SF for 2+ years. Also, legal background: JD, licensed in CA.

ID 583393

Sean Guiney

I'm a team player experienced in sales, management, merchandising, and inventory management. No matter what my role has been, I've brought success to my team.

ID 125853

Philip Niedzwiedz

@university-of-california-davis, graduate with experience in start-up marketing, product development, and project management in non-profits and life science.

ID 586054

David Kaplan

Wesleyan Biochem, technology enthuisast, data nerd, team player open to any task

ID 883315

Kent Phan

Associate Engineer at Genentech.

ID 393669

Jillian Springer

Experienced Regional Director in staff supervision, healthcare operations, HR, budget management, telemedicine, new business development, and lean operations.

ID 342401

Clare Middleton-Detzner

ID 492018

Adam Kryder

Multi Lingual International Business Experience and Creative Problem Solving Specialist

ID 775264

Alex Ross

McGill graduate with strong academic credentials, research, verbal reasoning and legal writing capabilities. Tech interest with front end programming languages.

ID 249165

Mohamed Mohamed

Launched first start up at 17 years old, successfully. Strong management background (Toyota, Kia). Clutch under pressure. B.E. in ME. Launching 25+ products.

ID 746060

Paige Hurtig Crosby

Full time associate at boutique healthcare consulting company; candidate in MS Healthcare Administration.

ID 446034

Michael Benson

E-mail Marketing Agency experience, self-taught HTML/CSS/SQL, quick-study for technical skills

ID 581947

Ashley Hugus

Wedding and Social Events Manager.

ID 734582

Francis Serpa

Theater Actor, Sci-fi Novelist, Customer Servant, Seller of Things

ID 643401

Sarah Boak

ID 479835

Steven Chen

I am an entry-level finance professional who is currently obtaining his CPA license.

ID 557100

Olia Golovkina

Russian/American content creator and editor. Mathematics BA 2013. Published in multiple print magazines.

ID 344585

Andrew Bowman

E-Commerce, CRM, Marketing Automation, Salesforce, Sales Operations, Logistics, SAAS, Startups

ID 450584

Kathryn R

Diverse background spanning start-up, corporate & nonprofit environments; Worked @google; Food & health enthusiast.

ID 602299

Matthew Babnis

Collaborative, Committed, Concept Builder, Storyteller, Communicator & Executor

ID 701347

Kristen Cutler

Data Master - Partner Developer - Community Enthusiast

ID 629667

Andrew Ortiz

California College of the Arts, Animator/Artist, contracted by various startups.

ID 263015

Sun Choi


Corporate Development Professional, Former Investment Banker

ID 529972

Anngie Dehoyos

10+ years in the digital marketplace with experience in project management and media strategy. Worked at Google with a strong passion in music and technology.

ID 508266

Sean Carroll

Engineer by day, wannabe master chef by night, BBQ pitmaster on the weekends.

ID 543707

Andrew Erbeau

Ambitious, innovative, and dedicated electrical engineer. Product Development Engineer and RF Design Engineer at AT&T.

ID 475455


Marketer, brand and customer experience pro. Social media and word of mouth marketing

ID 685554

Rebeccah Schermesser

Scientist and non-profit developer. UC Berkeley BS 2007. Baruch College coursework toward MPA.

ID 450380

Gregory Haines

Full-time coordinator, advisor, supervisor, manager, planner. Team development and policy creation/application experience. Diligent, thorough, and efficient.

ID 527116

Blaine Casanave

Former strategy & ops Consultant at Deloitte. Startup strategy, marketing, and operations.

ID 246905

Holley M. Murchison

Studied at @university-of-the-pacific, @brooklyn-college

ID 689833

Steven Bregante

A man with many hats always looking to learn and willing to work with you to complete ANY project.

ID 603559

Christopher Comings

Operations Management, Worked at Hyatt Hotels, Problem solver, Critical thinker

ID 402376

Christian Calderon

Film and Online Media, Video Producer, Social Media

ID 676493

John-Paul Bulow

Will fight for food.

ID 549800

Josh Senay

Customer service guru. Strong technical background with international work experience. Worked at Google [x]

ID 850316

David Feldman

UCSC Economics, currently studying data science at General Assembly, professional sales experience at solar startup

ID 664645

Leah vonEhrenkrook

Owner of Ragavon Designs. Seamstress. Photographer. Social media and Tech savy.

ID 677601

Sophia Mills

Looking for the next awesome job! I thrive in high-pressure settings. I like a challenge and I’m determined to succeed at anything that comes my way.

ID 744292

Siu-Mei Man

Organizational guru - Administrative professional with over nine years researching, planning, and supervising projects while executing daily operations

ID 558597

Jordan Caviness

Current Employee at @zerocater • Worked at @42floors • Studied at @california-state-university-east-bay

ID 584129

Quincy Adamo

Digital Marketing Professional, Content Designer, Customer Success Driven, Inventor.

ID 583888

Leila Andrews

Creative and strategic problem solver with background in project management and visual design. Experienced in: - Project Management - New Business and Account Management - Traffic, Operations and Process Refinement - Brand Strategy - User Experience, Visu

ID 851713

Nicholas Moran

ID 618689

Christopher Geraci

Sales professional with 3 years experience

ID 720974

Elspeth Pelliccia

Customer service and operations champion with a passion for making businesses run faster, better, and smarter with a happy, hard-working crew.

ID 338447

Emily Kaput

Worked at @ribbit Capital, @zipzap, Inc. , @Mills College Lorry I Lokey School of Business @Trefethen Aquatic Center, Mills College • Studied at @Mills

ID 622183

Jonathan Farr

Co-Founder of Loop Rez, Inc. Owner of First Growth Hospitality. Innovative F&B professional.

ID 479846

Michaela Brown

Business communications consultant for Crowdsway. Strong background in developing strategic partnerships, communities and global programs.

ID 337011

Albert Mayzeles

ID 830944

Baba. Afolabi

An avid and talented entrepreneur with an MBA degree Who believe in using technology to create sustainable solution and growth in retail.

ID 394528

Kevin Otte

General Manager at Cater2.me; Experience in client-facing roles and managing large teams; love using to data to drive results

ID 716254

Ranjani Akula, MS

VP at Citigroup; 7 years of people management and 2 years of project management. Relocated to California after marriage and seeking a new career opportunity.

ID 520064

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Operations Project Manager with a strong business background. Thrives on building great teams and creating / refining processes

ID 663570

Andrew Huelsenbeck


ID 728859

Rachael Daniels

Serial Growth Hacker, with knowledge in various fields of study.

ID 679578

Gurdip Singh

Bus Admin MGMT Specialist | Creative problem solver, quick learner, and team player| Seeking an opportunity to work with a strong team to help each other grow

ID 862646

Jacob Barlow

BYU-I, Business Management. Tech focused and love to troubleshoot, see how things work. Started on the ground floor for Google Glass launch.

ID 509881

Tawny Versprill

Web Developer, Office Admin Whiz, Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Space Geek

ID 454669

Christina vos Savant

Worked at @dollero, @marriott-international

ID 742832

Sahiry Ireland

Bilingual Legal Assistant with Operation experience. Advance Customer Service skills, and sales savvy.

ID 742382

Kyla Conley

I am the Client Relationship Builder and the Customer Experience Expert. Tuskegee University graduate. Retail professional.

ID 559213

Offie Clark

Experienced IT professional looking to gain more technical skills while bridging the communication gap between your engineers and constituents.

ID 475641

Josephine Blake

Unorthodox Office Manager/Executive Assistant

ID 680423

Timadge Berkhadley

Sales Trainer for JP Morgan Chase, over 10 years of success in financial services both as an Senior Account Executive and Sales Trainer.

ID 456751

Oscar Narez

3D Generalist with BS in Video Game Art & Design. Strong hard surface modeling skills with emphasis in mechanical and military assets.

ID 767163

Steven Soung

6 years experience in office administration, planning and coordination

ID 462749

Budley Nelson

Hero Driver and operations

ID 497089

elisabeth perez

creative, handy, and aesthetically-minded with ten years of experience in retail and visual merchandising, and two years of old-school warehouse operations.

ID 693375

Susan Loscotoff

Results Driven Professional in Sales, Exceptional Communication and Executive Assistant Background.

ID 625624

Aaron Ballard

Graduated with a music degree. Found success in retail for a decade. Full of energy and positive attitude.

ID 663839

Amber Hancock

Operations specialist, supervising staff of 30, accounting basics, office management.

ID 853266

James Bolton

Operations professional experienced in international, and domestic supply chains. Experience in building sustainable supply chains to bing products to market.

ID 864801

Joseph Fore

document specialist for client services. Worked at mostly law firm environments. Strong attention to detail, excellence customer service skill.

ID 591059

Lynsey Knapp

Compassionate with an ever expanding imagination. Earnest and ready to gain the skill necessary to make the world a better place for all, globally and locally.

ID 849684

Lauren Leonforte

Investment enthusiast. Strategy, management and communications abilities, enjoy conveying ideas. Analytics/Finance background. MBA, progress toward CFA.

ID 481887

Maria Martinez

Product Manager having launched payment companies and managed large product portfolios at large companies with most recent experience in Fraud Detection.

ID 578300

Hank Hedland

Experienced Office Manager and Operations Manager

ID 747759

Jean Nam

Live in every moment! Live & Breathe life to the fullest! Never settle! Laugh as much as you can! Love unconditionally!

ID 614333

Jean H.

ID 775554

jon cooper

Metrics Guy. Huntington Beach expat. Racing fanatic.

ID 475628

Colleen Kendrick

Project and communications professional. Outstanding at problem solving and anticipating needs.

ID 485731

Casey Monroe

I take people who don't like you, and I make them like you.

ID 759288

Sergei Piskunov

Native Russian speaker recently relocated to the US, 8 years of creating best customer experience for loyalty program, mobile operator and retail customers

ID 543259

Alexander Nikban

Visual Merchandiser and Operations

ID 829498

Seemi Choudry

Community Organizer, Educator, Non-Profit Professional; 5+ years experience in community development and project management both domestic and international.

ID 670030

Dmytro Kovalchuk

ID 874628

Chase Kiefiuk

Sales & customer relationship expert. Specializing in Marketing and building strong relationships between business and clients. I'm good at making people happy

ID 368185

Michele Brooks

literary creative type with a flare for a job well done and interest in education and recreation

ID 568599

Alan Barnes

Former employee of @askjeeves / Ask.Com @tango-video @mobitv and @hostgator specializing in troubleshooting and overall @linux-system-administration

ID 475615

Abu Pigott

Abu Pigott, Owner NEXT LEVEL Personal Fitness Systems. Started 1997. Strong background in health and fitness. Worked @ 24hr fitness, YMCA. Palmer-West DC 1992

ID 520018

Chris Lunde

Founder of the Lucky Pods Network of podcasts; Experienced young professional; DECA Conference Organizer; Customer service expert.

ID 863309

Catherine Silverman

Cat Silverman IT Support with strong focus in Microsoft training. Advanced in Customer Service and team environments.

ID 726950

J.C. Sanchez

Recent Industrial Engineering Grad. Background in quality assurance and product development.

ID 692538

ruth kierans

Helping companies succeed by building smart community from within.

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