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ID 162260

Scott Rocher

Director of Engineering at @blue-bottle-coffee. Prior to acquisition, he was the CTO at @tonx-coffee. Former @yahoo. In a past life co-founded FitReview and BitsyBox. Road cyclist, diver, and lover of coffee.

ID 204184

Avi Bar-Zeev


Designer/developer of Google Earth (@keyhole), Lead special projects at @walt-disney-imagineering, @microsoft-3, @amazon, President/CTO @syntertainment

ID 299730

Dan Clay Ellis


Co-founder of @rallyteam - Platform for employee empowerment. Founder of @saturna - tech consulting. Worked @oracle-1. Studied @university-of-calgary

ID 19263

Bilal Ahmed

Entrepreneur, engineer, hustler, hacker, designer, yogi, musician and author.

ID 38510

Erik Smith

Entrepreneur, Engineer. Founder at Appsites. Lead Engineer @inmobi. Previous: Founder @hipset #YCS12 and @shuffle-interactive.

ID 128860

Jean-Paul Cozzatti

VP of Engineering @ @rally Product Manager @ @twitter Director of Product/Engineering at @bebo

ID 104743

Josh Steiner

Founder at @shotlist and @scal-io. Hacker, brewer, mobile and web tech enthusiast.

ID 139641

Aron Hegyi


@stanford-university Product Design. Full stack developer and entrepreneur @marker. Crowdsourcerer @crowdflower, consultant @instagram; ♥ sustainable food & ag.

ID 49108

Sean McCullough

Just a dude making it happen.

ID 155579

Kyle Killion


Co-Founder of @suiteness • VP of Product for @apartment-list, PM for @yelp, @coupa • Founder with multiple successful exits • University of Minnesota

ID 36362

Jereme Monteau

Lead Developer at @shortform. 15 year startup developer veteran. ISP, enterprise, cloud, geo, web apps. Java, Py, Ruby and more. Full stack, front to back.

ID 343184

George Feil

Creator of Internet Applications. First Ruby on Rails expert hired at New Relic. Worked on large scale MMO game engines at Kabam. CMU graduate.

ID 107381

Brennen Byrne

Founder @clef, • Worked at @adobe-systems, @h-bloom • Studied at @pomona-college

ID 473724

Tracy King

Strong start-up background. Received Chegg Eggstra Credit Award for Outstanding Work Ethic & Service. Junior Front-End Web Developer.

ID 41765

Peter Hizalev

Founder at @kato. Product fanatic. Electronic communication enthusiast. Computer architecture geek.

ID 84121

Tony Bako

Technology Leader. CTO at @mosaic-2, formerly VP of Engineering at @chegg, @cramster.

ID 37322

Patrick Ford

Experienced software engineer and manager. Experience from start ups to major corporations.

ID 4063

Ketu Patel

Co-founder and CTO of @rockbot. UC @university-of-california-berkeley EECS grad '03.

ID 167078

Jesse Pollak

Founder at @clef. Previously @hackny, @buzzfeed, @pomona-college-2. I create things (code, 5,000+ stars on Github; blog, 50,000+ readers).

ID 46805

Alan Caudill

Co-Founder of @dygest. Multiple experiences as "day one" engineer successfully delivering products from scratch. @carnegie-mellon-university CS

ID 225186

Casey Wilson

Full-stack developer at popexpert.com. Fmr lead developer for Flowful.me. Fmr Founder & CEO of Wokai. 6 years founding and operating experience.

ID 89259

Sander Pick

I work on companies and projects that aim to make the world more transparent and easier to understand.

ID 198479

Lance Pickens

CEO and Founder MadeSolid, Inc. • Worked at @institute-for-creative-technologies • Studied at @university-of-southern-california, @illinois-institute-of-technology

ID 61703

Brantley Beaird

Entrepreneur, developer, and MBA. Started a successful tutoring business after @georgia-institute-of-technology. Analytics @quinstreet & Engineer @nudgemail

ID 549181

Patrick Vilhena

Software engineer looking for a challenging position that will help me grow my skills.

ID 237683

Mark Hudnall

Founder @clef. Worked at @minted, @ning. Studied Computer Science at @pomona-college. I build apps with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

ID 595595

Andy Mai

UX Engineer at Wunwun. Previously Creative Director at Gracenote, Sony, Gravity Mobile, LiveJournal.

ID 204555

Brendan Irvine-Broque

Product Designer @lucid-design-group • Previously @awesomebox, @unified, @pagelever, @piecelock-70, @cavern-discos • @university-of-california-santa-cruz alumni

ID 27788

Luke Iseman


Founder @growerbot • Co-Founder @soil-iq • Worked at @bazaarvoice, @Re:char • Studied at @y-combinator, @wharton-school, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 154821

Joe Shoop

Worked at @quantcast • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-cruz

ID 40084

David Feinberg

JavaScript UI engineer and full stack python developer. Entrepreneurial background, started and sold a web hosting business, ran product at (mt) Media Temple.

ID 62785

Brian Delaney

UI / UX Design & Front-End Code

ID 217948

Aaron Williams

Journalist turned web developer. Focused on data visualization and storytelling through code and the web.

ID 636375

Sean Conaty

Full stack developer with emphasis on the front end. Passionate about building useful and beautiful products.

ID 112844

Jason Kim

Co-founder of @bombfell. Lead developer at @lolapps. Co-founded @foodoro (YC '09). Developer at @microsoft and @goldman-sachs. @harvard-university MS/BA in CS.

ID 577816

Kristine Jennings

Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer, DBC Alumni, NYC StartupBus 2014, Developer Evangelist. Strong background in management.

ID 237299

Andrei Soroker

Founder at @kato. Code, product, team, fundraising.

ID 5810

John Hurliman

@syntertainment. @mox-1. Sold @cull-tv-1 as cofounder, published on scalable realtime computing at @intel. Student of prod. dev, ML, and neuroscience.

ID 45484

Ryan Garver

CTO at @internmatch, @profounder, & others. Serial technical leader. Specializing in early to growth stage startups.

ID 553606

Joseph Sample

Famo.us University developer. Lover of all things Javascript.

ID 727765

Ivan Tam

Full stack generalist; builds things in the front-end as well as back-end; early-stage startup experience; gentleman hacker.

ID 866810

Jason Norris

ID 106719

Greg Kumparak

Writer at TechCrunch.

ID 500178

Rory Ou

Web developer with a linguistics background. Ruby, Rails, Node.js, JavaScript, Backbone.

ID 148703

Jay Bolton

CTO of CommitChagne. I am passionate about data, UX, and abstract systems. I enjoy working on meaningful projects with awesome tools in a team of good people.

ID 174098

Sandy Vanderbleek

Full stack developer, strong computer science background and experience with web technologies.

ID 7169

Jeremy Lewis

Former Director of Engineering at @treatful; deep generalist who thrives on learning and dynamic challenges; mindfulness enthusiast; amateur pianist/singer.

ID 333323

Yekaterina Novikova

Full Stack Developer & Visual Designer. Designer/Developer @inkshares. B.A. in Design from UC Davis, recently completed WDI Web Dev Bootcamp @general-assembly.

ID 248309

Paul Cowgill

Full-stack engineer. Previously, cofounder and CTO of RaftOut (music tech). @harvard-university M.S. in Systems Biology. NSF Graduate Research Fellow

ID 337887

Jonathan Foley

ID 176608

Kelly Becker

Worked at @rainforestqa, @triggit and @tioki • Studied at @western-michigan-university

ID 367779

Katie Bauer

Currently at Weotta. Bringing linguistics expertise to data science.

ID 158687

Paul Kist

Creative problem solving. Jack of many trades. Coding, photography, music composition, non-profit-guy, story-teller, eastern chant.

ID 283865

Brooks Mason

Software Developer

ID 421185

Sarang Ratanjee

Founder @livewants • Worked at @intuit, @manilla • Studied Computer Science and Economics at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 553684

Vinnie Giarrusso

Front End Software Engineer @dwellaware

ID 55625

Steven Harlow

Full-stack web developer with a focus on life-long learning. A dedicated self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional problem solving skills.

ID 503897

Ron Peled

CTO @ Educents. Growth hacker, optimization addict, tech lead. Passionate about eCommerce & Marketplace dynamics.

ID 121668

Dave Riddle

Developer at @mywebroom; Worked at @mcgilly-information-systems as Database Application Developer; Worked at @kaiser-permanente as Web Developer; @drake-university University

ID 443253

Fergus Noble

Founder Swift Navigation • Worked at @joby-energy • Studied at @university-of-cambridge

ID 79150

Jared Hanson


Lead Engineer at @nodeprime. Previously Founding Engineer at Aspera (acq. by @ibm). Ongoing open source developer.

ID 278041

Assaf Arkin

Co-founder @broadly: we help small businesses win the Internets.

ID 505907

Sabra Pratt

Code Crafter. Full-Stack Software Engineer @luxe-valet. Previously @mulesoft & @generalui.

ID 636500

Jesse Wolfe

Full Stack Backend Software Engineer

ID 475726

Ei-Nyung Choi

Software engineer at Bay Area startups since '98, with three exits. I value collaborative teams, innovation, fearlessness, and a hunger to succeed. MIT grad.

ID 60328

David Ragones

VP Platform & Mobile @successfactors. Founder @dreamcommerce. Previously, @nvidia exec, Engineering Lead @ KPCB/Benchmark/DFJ startups. @princeton-university CS / @university-of-michigan MBA.

ID 281803

Annie Chang

Developer @chasm-io. Hacker @doglog. Fellow @Hackbright Academy. Founder/CEO @Best_Chuck. Project manager @wikia, @Smalltown. Studied @UCI B.A. Psychology & Social Behavior

ID 65091

Michael McAllen

His company has produced corporate meetings & media for Oracle, HP, Yahoo, PepsiCo, Sanofi, Siemens Medical Solutions, Genzyme, Restoration Hardware, Gap, Avon

ID 224688

Douglas Barton

Full Stack Hacker | Creative Technologist

ID 135115

Anthony DOnofrio

A Unicorn in the wild. Full-stack dev, UX/UI design. Dreamy. Been in this game for years, it made me an animal.

ID 34164

Daniel Roesler

Founder @utilityapi PM @terraverde-renewable-partners CTO @fitocracy PM @cleanair-engineering

ID 614509

Frances Haugen

Olin College ECE BS, Harvard Business School Masters, user-oriented collaborative product designer, data miner, data scientist.

ID 130853

Justin Graham


ID 245745

George Melcer

@georgia-institute-of-technology Computer Engineer, Entrepreneur, Artist. Strong skill-set in hardware and software. Worked at @apple, @ibm, @hp, @intel.

ID 158767

Timothy Lovett

Worked at @vistaprint, @storyteller-1 • Studied at @bentley-university

ID 586095

Brandon Schlenker

Worked at @bonfire, @boldium-llc

ID 442402

John Fitzpatrick

Works at @podo-labs • Embedded Systems Engineer • B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 213069

Nick Kleinschmidt

Software developer - back-end, web, & mobile development. Entrepreneur & published developer on the iOS App Store.

ID 417487

Andrew Rodriguez

Software Developer

ID 427987

Austin Putman

VP Engineering at @omada-health-1, Senior Engineer at @pivotal-labs, Lead Engineer at Radical Designs

ID 344565

Daniel M Song

Software Engineer at VSCO

ID 334374

Ken Rettberg

Dev BootCamp Grad, former middle school teacher, who is excited to be on a great team and building something cool!

ID 223813


Turtles all the way down.

ID 143088

Marc Ettlinger

B.S. Eng., Rutgers University • Ph.D. Linguistics, U.C. Berkeley • Postdoc Neuroscience, Northwestern U • Research Scientist, Dept of VA

ID 417499

Louis Schiff

Software Engineer at @vsco • Worked at @voxel , SSEC • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 147692

Robert X. Trencheny Jr.


Big companies, big ideas.

ID 826219

Jack F. Chi

Growth Engineer. Web programmer and generalist. People succeed around me

ID 58333

Jerry Wang

Self taught full stack web developer. Have brain, will travel.

ID 26121

Dan McAulay

Engineer at heart who enjoys building new things, working in fast paced environments and surpassing expectations. www.prixfixeapp.com

ID 292993

Ian Smith

Georgia Tech CS, managed up to 35 people, Go nerd, Dart nerd, python/django, 10+ years of Java (but no J2EE, please), pitched for funding, serious politico fanboi.

ID 502265

Xavier Johnson

Self taught coder, started programming in 2004, love electronics and hobby hacking, experience with start-up software development, LAMP stack lover.

ID 117666

Tim O'Neil

Founder/CEO Tether Studios • Worked at @zynga, @activision. 12yrs building & shipping console games; 5yrs operating social products; Engineer, PM.

ID 566743

John Olmsted

Former historian and teacher at UC Berkeley. Full stack web developer and compulsive learner. Passionate about using technology to improve education.

ID 567179

Alice Hyun

UC Berkeley, USC, worked in software in the medical device industry

ID 592848

Christina Cunningham

Founder Christina Cunningham • Worked at @kaiser-permanente, @alvarado-parkway-institute-bhs

ID 546931

Tim King

Software development professional.

ID 486127

Vincent Storme

Software Developer

ID 296293

Nili Leeds


ID 147165

Michael Schmitz

Founder @quosap-1 • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @engine-yard • Studied at University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign, @syracuse-university

ID 243626

Eric Siegfried

Co-founder and CEO of TangoSource, distributed staffing firm • Worked at @the-boeing-company • Master's of Computer Engineering at @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 277703

Colin Roache

Interaction design and graphics hacking for iOS, Web, Mac and Installation.

ID 51993

Eric Broder

Lead Developer at Solar Mosaic. Worked with Tesla Motors, CivicActions, Save The Bay (San Francisco), Ideal Bite / Disney. Math degree with honors from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 614542

Nestor Toro

Co-Founder & CTO of Bedrock Analytics • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology • Worked at @axiomlogic

ID 657593

John Wendell

Caltech Physics MS 2014. Strong experience in python and data analysis. Studied Computational Astrophysics. Bowdoin College 2011.

ID 182037

Zak Crawford

Software Engineer @tobi-com.

ID 213636

Peter Christensen

Versatile full stack developer with experience at lots of scales and work situations. Good at communication, writing, marketing, design - not just code.

ID 209768

Lasse Christiansen

Creative Type; Actor, Salesman, Radio Artist, Web Developer, Trainer, Manager, Builder.

ID 110915

Karan Jain

Co-Founder @tinygive • Founder @clovest • Worked at @board-of-governors-federal-reserve • Studied at @tufts-university • Fellow @startingbloc

ID 282640

Timothy Kempf

Front End / Node.js Developer with design talent. Builds real-time web applications, backend to frontend.

ID 318852

Motoki Wu

Data scientist and co-founder @lingonautics. Formerly trained in statistics and fisheries modeling @university-of-washington-1.

ID 8760

Sarfaraz Rydhan

Lead software engineer @delivery-agent. 12 yrs in e-commerce as engineer and founder. Started e-commerce company as sophomore at UCLA. Classifieds power seller.

ID 732609

Lawrence Kang

Full stack Javascript engineer

ID 5366

Jesse Dhillon

Designer, developer, project manager

ID 86947

Liz Derr

CEO and Founder of @simularity. 25 years in software technology. Hands-on technologist. VP of Engineering at 3 companies, recently COO/CTO at @monsoon-commerce.

ID 7872

Ben Thompson

Founder, CTO @pickle-1. Time @maxis on SimCity 3000, and @electronic-arts on The Sims: Hot Date & Unleashed, The Sims 2, and MySims.

ID 620702

Derek Kan, P.E., LEED AP

Graduate from UC Berkeley's School of Information. Well rounded engineer/designer armed with the scientific method and user centered design...

ID 139769

Jason Perez

Develop / Design / User Experience

ID 520066

Kemar Newell

Founder / Product Ninja • Formerly @google, @apple, & @mit-lincoln-laboratory • Studied CS at @morehouse-college

ID 122693

Naresh Singhal


VP, Mobile Products at Trunomi, pioneering B2ME for the financial industry

ID 486223

Zach Zibrat

Berkeley M.S. Applied Physics and Math, Full Stack JavaScript and Python Engineer

ID 273562

Katherine Ahern

U.C. Berkeley Master of Information Management and Systems, experienced web application developer, data visualization and analysis

ID 300764

Josh Levinger

Double MIT grad, former robotics engineer, now building software to change the world. Rocket scientist, rabble rouser, internet badass.

ID 282660

Monika Hoex

Front-end web developer, designer for digital agency Sparkart Group, Inc. as part of UX Team.

ID 604987

David Smith

Math PhD, graph theory, algorithms.

ID 78361

Eric Iffland

UI/UX designer + front-end developer.

ID 119327

Adam Sax

Chief Product Officer at spot labs

ID 493292

Justin Quimby

I help teams build and ship product. I'm a seasoned technology executive/manager who keeps the trains running on time without burning out my teams.

ID 387211

Jake McGuire

Full-Stack Web Applications in JavaScript

ID 131216

Chulki Lee

Full-stack web developer with interests on UX and privacy; UC Berkeley I School Alumni

ID 488331

Jonathan Polin

ID 584973

Jay Shah

I like making things better • Worked at @workday @splunk @riverbed-technology • CSEngineering at @university-of-california-davis

ID 579167

Tom Hirashima

Front-end heavy, yet generalized web developer. Over a decade of industry experience. Dependable duct-tape engineer.

ID 567288

Stephen Buchanan

Full stack web developer experienced in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AWS, and more. Team player, Agile, and ready to build something amazing.

ID 681622

Robert Talamantez

CodeFellows JavaScript Grad -

ID 101843

Guillaume Ardaud

Co-founder, NeonMob. Fiddling with bits and atoms, and everything in between. MSc Comp. Sci. (HCI) & Ed. Tech. — BSc. Comp. Sci. (AI)

ID 392534

Michael Juarez

Extremely motivated, disciplined and responsible systems engineer with a strong cultivated creative sense of detail and drive.

ID 577613

Luke McCormick

Reformed entrepreneur. Very technical, yet also very marketing. Deep in Drupal, but not religious about it.

ID 452692

Santiago Archila, PhD

Worked at @hack-reactor, @ucsf • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @emory-university

ID 90721

Rohit Patali

ID 495707

Kabir Sikand

Worked at @vmware, @gree-international-inc • Studied at @university-of-california-davis

ID 619018

Charles Marks

CS foodie looking to promote sustainable agriculture.

ID 706541

Jesus Garcia

UC Berkeley Cognitive Science B.A. Web Developer with experience in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Backbone and JavaScript

ID 545094

Scott Garrison

Berkeley Physics. Full stack developer (Embedded, sensors, python scientific computing and data science, SQL & NoSQL, API, etc.).

ID 14579

bruce rinehart

creativity engineer: expert in the internet stack, the business stack and the social science stack - 20 years of net dev - teaching python this Summer('14) @UCB

ID 431254

Matt Crum

Pixel pusher with a purpose. A passion for helping people and a deep understanding of technology, I create effective solutions with the end-user in mind.

ID 89945

Kevin Dente

Full-stack Javascript developer - Node, Backbone, MongoDB

ID 673742

Aaron Oxborrow

Developer, Urban Achiever, Laptop Champ.

ID 588666

David Fetter

I help make your data fabric awesome.

ID 610764

Christopher Wirick

Berkeley Math and Cognitive Science. Want to write lines.

ID 492013

Ashley Cox

M.S. in Analytics Candidate at USF Data Science Intern at Iteris

ID 293640

Bernadette Le

UC Berkeley EECS; Mobile Developer, mainly Android but iOS too; Worked at Rakuten.

ID 860715

Danny Vega

Loan Counselor turned Web Developer

ID 399475

Jeremy Tribby

Front-end developer, visual designer, UI/UX researcher, huge typography nerd. Can do full-stack, too (founder @valleyvpn). Studied @university-of-california-berkeley. Cooks pizza @900º.

ID 140723


Co-Founder @folindux, Web Developer at JSS Security, Emeryville, assistant coder at Speakeasy. Graduated App Academy's inaugural course in SF for Ruby/Rails and iOS

ID 775848

Fei Deng

Northwestern CS Master, 3 years JAVA, Full stack,Co-Founder of beadvising.com

ID 564951

Chrissie Deist

UC Berkeley Grad, Backend Developer, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Java

ID 576557

Alex Jacobs

Hack Reactor. Experience and Expertise: Algorithms, Angular.JS, Backbone.js, Coffeescript, D3js, Git, Github, HTML5 & CSS3, Javascript, Mongo, MySQL, Nodejs.

ID 429899

Gary McCoy

Hands-on, strategic product management leader with deep technical chops and track record of success in both startups and big companies.

ID 681263

Liam O'Suilleabhain

Masters student at UC Berkeley in theoretical chemistry. Analytical thinker who loves to solve problems.

ID 438011

Alexander Morrise

Founder TensorML • Worked at @boomtrain, @quid • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-cruz, @universidad-de-santiago-de-compostela

ID 441777

Inshan A Khairullah

Software Developer with a proven record of rising to any challenge.

ID 599074

Aaron Macy

Software engineer.

ID 484567

Wayne Montague

Full stack Javascript Engineer with a passion for data visualization and interaction design. Proficient in both Angular and D3 frameworks.

ID 822129

Anna Kalkanis

ID 382143

Kevin Wu

Full-stack Engineer; Computer Engineer; Worked at Bank of America, Sandia National Laboratories, and UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab.

ID 405969

Nikita Kuznetsov

Frontend Engineer with a design sense.

ID 365271

Chris Papazian

Special Snowflake

ID 444427

Daniel Resnick

iOS Developer; Developed Synthecaster App for iOS

ID 676485

Shindo Nicholas Strzelczyk

UC Berkeley Linguistics Grad. Social Voluneering Start Up Co-Founder. Recent Full-Stack Developer.

ID 441740

Patrick Plunkett

Ph.D. and M.A. in mathematics from @university-of-california-santa-barbara, B.S. in computer science and mathematics from @duquesne-university.

ID 673315

Collin Burger

Just graduated from CMU and specialize signal processing. I enjoy creative coding and tinkering with hardware. Ready to make something fun.

ID 527594

Niels Klitgord

Computational biologist

ID 185057

Jack Chi

Software Engineer, Berkeley Researcher, Rice CS, Globetrotter, Jack of All Trades

ID 328413

Nikhil Kejriwal

Smart data scientist

ID 258827

Ross Favero

Strong embedded engineer with a background in hard real time systems and a propensity for spanning the entire stack,UIUC Computer Engineering Grad

ID 613628

Nicholas Spencer

Nicholas Scott Spencer; Bred in TX; Computers are one hellafa drug; objc dude @match

ID 718871

Taylor Breland

University of Virginia CS. Worked at Saint Mary's College High School as a computer science teacher.

ID 677103

Junjie Qiu

UCLA Data Mining Final Project 1. Coding R to classify/detect spam emails from a large data set

ID 282350

Derek Liu

UC Berkeley Computer Science, extensive QA experience

ID 783836

Irina B

NLP Engineer & Researcher. Behavioral analytics + natural language processing + social network analysis.

ID 164048

Ami Eaton

Worked at @microsoft • Studied at University of Washington

ID 13714

Stephen Lau

Senior Software Engineer at Google[x], building Project Glass.

ID 347805

Jhonatan Paredes

Webmaster and Front-End Engineer. Worked with Non-Profits and B2B companies on designs, UX/UI, wireframes, and SEM.

ID 293404

Roger Gonzalez

VP Technology, Razorfish

ID 628079

Kentin Cantwell

Electrical Engineer from UC Davis. RF, embedded systems, and audio background. Worked at Weatherbee Corporation and Texas Instruments.

ID 561818

Weyman Fung

Software Developer for Hire. Experienced in Ruby and Javascript, C, SQL, and Backbone.

ID 249988

Hicham Bouabdallah

iOS Software Engineer at Pandora

ID 366597

Felix Cheng

I am a software engineer who is passionate about front-end development and data-analysis. I am also experienced in data visualization and mobile app.

ID 306839

Keith Copenhagen

Designed & developed systems, sensors, software and hardware; Run proposals, projects, patents, simulated, engineered, debugged, validated and deployed.

ID 355373

Ev Bogue

Worked at @gawker, @new-york-magazine • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 689188

David Chang

Personal investor, support engineer, statistical analyses

ID 294446

warren nisley

Versatile, creative problem solver. Domain Design, Solr, groovy/grails, python, noSQL

ID 594895

Gary Johnson

I want to solve complex problems that add depth to my skill set and force me to adapt to new technologies while striving to find new ways to address user needs.

ID 143637

Asher Cohen

Worked at @trilogy Interactive • Studied at @university-of-california-davis

ID 531092

Connor James Leech

Smart creative who likes to take risks and build things quickly

ID 429391

Steve Mundro

Did early web development, early mobile, then social gaming. Looking for the next thing.

ID 118961

Mike Manfrin

Full Stack Developer

ID 543181

Ilias Tsangaris

Full-Stack Developer | Tinkerer | Internet Crafter

ID 262006

Raya D

JavaScript engineer

ID 481303

Patrick Farrell

T shaped software obsessive with deep experience in data and scalability.

ID 606810

Matthew Lopez

Junior web developer with diverse pressure-tested employment history hungry for rewarding engineering opportunities.

ID 440904

Minh Luu

iOS Engineer @basis

ID 394898

John "Seg" Seggerson

It's dangerous to develop alone. Take Seg! Designer and programmer of interactive media for web, console, desktop, and mobile platforms.

ID 531247

Kwyn Meagher

Software Engineer, CrossFit Athlete and Bio-hacker. Successful @upstart. JavaScript, Python, Angular, Node, Flask, Scikit. http://harleykwyn.com/

ID 832550

Joe Russack

18 years in industry, programmed all the things, seeking a hands-on role in a company that doesn't bore me to tears.

ID 342518

Martin Henry-Castaneda

Full-stack web engineer specializing in advanced JavaScript frameworks. I build apps in Angular and Backbone

ID 546737

Joshua Davis

Front-end engineer who designs, develops and maintains high-profile websites and web apps with a passion for creating products that delight.

ID 581326

Timothy Sandberg

Independent Android developer, with apps shipped in Play Store, looking to accrue great experience within a professional development team.

ID 221177

Deborah Douglas

Currently attending Laney Colleges Culinary Arts program. Graduating June 2013.

ID 543774

Gregg Horton

Successful experience as a web developer focusing on ruby on rails and Backbone.js, a strong history of working in startup environment.

ID 336977

Combiz Saleh

Aspiring Engineer, Inspiring Peer. CEO Study Savior. Web-app enthusiast.

ID 465715

Patrick Brinich-Langlois

Studied at @st-olaf-college

ID 418511

Mucheru Njaga

Founder Uzaa Networks • Studied at @hunter-college

ID 457349

Jonathan Adams

Accomplished design engineer with 15+ years experience developing embedded low-power, high performance, RF consumer electronics and military systems.

ID 667732

Lavinia Karl

Junior web developer • B.A in Mathematics • Excited about data analysis and data visualization • Making the world a better place through technology

ID 117113

Faiyaz Ahmed

Software Engineer at Data Domain

ID 640365

Uriah Herbert

Junior web developer • Data visualization and analysis enthusiast • Studied @ SAIC.

ID 199112

Adam Cadieux

VP of software development with experience in web development, project management, online marketing, computer security. Interested in early-stage start-ups.

ID 358530

Majdi "Mikey" Aburamadan

CSUEB Computer Science, Personal Trainer and Aspiring Web Developer.

ID 655920

Maxwell Zirbel

Recent software engineering grad with strong leadership background working with angular.js, javascript and python in both mobile and web application development

ID 668181

Paris Xavier Pinkney

Lead Designer + iOS Engineer (@marqeta, @pepsi). Son + Brother. Oakland born. Vegas raised. Flagstaff educated. California native.

ID 414208

Vidya Venkat

QA automation contractor, Selenium, Java, Ruby, Scripting, Device testing, UI, API

ID 667352

Jacob Coble

Web developer, Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js.

ID 509881

Tawny Versprill

Web Developer, Office Admin Whiz, Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Space Geek

ID 614125

Nolan Frazier, EIT

UC Davis Civil Engineering Grad, Project Manager, Freelance Front End Developer.

ID 199226

Gerrit van Doorn

ID 291474

Bryan Bor

CS Student, C++, Java, Android/ iOS, MySQL, PHP, HTML/ CSS, Ajax, JQuery, Object-oriented programming, program design, sales and marketing, fluent in Dutch.

ID 234760

Andrew Han

Ph.D. in Microbiology, Molecular BIology, and Biochemistry. Years of experience in bacterial genomics and bioinformatics.

ID 670167

John Stanford

Leadership, consulting, large scale infrastructure, cloud software development, full stack development, agile, Scala/Akka, Python/Django, JavaScript...

ID 599260

Patrick Cummins

Current Willamette CS Major

ID 341232

Adam Yee

Full stack engineer. Masters thesis in distributed file systems (Hadoop).

ID 343539

Brent A Smith

Worked at @mps-online-services-formerly-smartfund-medical-acceptance • Studied at @university-of-central-florida & @app-academy-san-francisco-ca-appacademy-io

ID 265555

Matthew Gates

Worked at @t-mobile, @amdocs • Studied at @university-of-hertfordshire. Developer for OTP, telecoms billing, embedded (Arduino/PIC), open source (Stellarium)

ID 553604

Charles Hughes

Worked at @cummins-allison-corporation • Studied at @university-of-illinois-chicago

ID 552002

Tom Palmer

Grad looking for a challenge with a friendly group. I am skilled in a variety of languages and eager to learn more.

ID 672685

Stephen La

Entry level Software Engineer

ID 699175

Douglas Starnes

Distributed & cloud computing, data science & machine learning, all things Google, Python & iOS. Polyglot. MOOCs. Proud non-conformist, prouder American.

ID 294973

Chris Niewiarowski

Sr. IT Systems Engineer at Ex'pression College, owner of Chris Computing, head of Dream Life Farms, Jack of all trades.

ID 332333

Artur Moczulski

worked as Software Developer at Asperity Employee Benefits Ltd, pureholidahomes.com

ID 732395

tommy gebru

Web dev student looking for work with your company

ID 488090

Matt Diamant

Full Stack.

ID 723170

Spencer Eldred

ID 551950

Rob Naberhaus

Architect, Baseball Systems at Oakland A's - HTML5, .NET full stack

ID 498010

Michael Victor Winata

ID 709530

Nergui Badarch

ID 752498

Eric Soares

ID 485203

Jonathan Neely

ID 775977

Nhat Ho

Front End Developer working with a non profit organization funded and backed by Google and Facebook.

ID 435395

Filip Adamczyk

Freelance front-end web developer. Worked with early stage startups and large companies like Adobe and Intuit.

ID 642657

Alex Hill

Front-end developer focused in Angular JS, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3 and a variety of other front end technologies as well as NodeJS on the back-end.

ID 867440

Caslyn Cole

ID 512435

Daniel Duvall

Problem solving is my passion and software is my favorite Swiss army hammer. I prefer open source because { innovation.should > capital }.

ID 502342

Phil Kates

DevOps Engineer focused on distributed systems, automation, and reliability.

ID 698332

Bobby William Therry

Mobile and Game Developer, Course graduate from MakeGamesWithUs. Strong interpersonal communication.

ID 860447

Tom Hundt


ID 748485

Nergui Badarch

Experienced software engineer

ID 783335

Danilo Caballero

Techie with 4+ year experience in software development. Open to learn new programming languages and frameworks and eager to do research to accomplish so.

ID 480025

Lauren [Lo] Bénichou

Multimedia Journalist and Full Stack Web Developer

ID 287431

Shilo Pierce

Mobitv Launch operator launch new devices into production line.

ID 40700

Steve Hull

BetOn Studios cofounder, Rails fullstack developer.

ID 394818

Matthew Schmitt

Senior Linux Admin. PuppetMaster.

ID 514297

Teagan Widmer

Full Stack, Ruby on Rails developer. Specializes in ideas, stories, and community building.

ID 283958

Evan Krambuhl


ID 305619


UC Berkeley Studio Art (2009), Founded own company, 10+ years experience, WordPress expert, rapid website development, tons of HTML/CSS/jQuery experience

ID 369955

Joshua Qualtieri

17 Years Pixar Animation Studios

ID 234841

David Gee

I design & build digital products focused on solving complex process & workflow problems. I enjoy creating efficient, satisfying user experiences, especially for sectors that generally suffer from poor usability.

ID 378303

Paulette Luftig

Driven junior full stack web developer with experience designing and developing websites, business planning and marketing. Known for stellar communication skills, conscientious personality and tenacious approach to learning.

ID 149037

Doug Earp

Worked at @tiburon-inc, @data911

ID 88318

Tab Dangerfield

Music Director of Dorsett Round Table for NBC Sports Net. Managing Partner of SMG Holdings; Author of A Dangerfield Manifesto; Ghostwriter for many.

ID 335965

Jonathan Montoya

15 years in the software industry, with startup experience. Passionate about Javascript & HTML5, looking for an opportunity to put it into production.

ID 54676

Saill White

Did some Astrophysics. Analyzed a bunch of green building technology. Became an Open Source geek. Coded some sweet user interfaces.

ID 468202

Justin Hardin

I make music, code, and design. Im passionate in making the next Generation of interactive websites.

ID 254846

Andrew Rose

Wide-ranging Technical Support Specialist, with experience in Desktops, Mobile, Networking, and POS Systems

ID 452341

Hamid Aghdaee

Berkeley CS. Solid engineer

ID 467369

Nico Crisafulli

Front end developer - General Assembly WDI alumnus - JS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails

ID 116265

Sam Bhagwat

Data scientist; fmr management consultant & CFO at @blueseed.

ID 85036

Craig Will

Tablet/mobile phone developer, strong user interface expertise, experience with travel apps. PhD from University of Calif San Diego, 18 patents.

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